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The client needed to showcase his business, however, many of the projects he works for have special NDA's limiting what can be shown as a body of work. Intel, Microsoft and TedTalks are a few examples. We needed to limit the amount of viewers to these portfolio sections by using custom password security.

By creating custom post and page types, we created a unique directory of pages that can be accessed by password permissions. With over 100 projects to add, the ability to do something like that had to rely on ACF (Advanced Custom Fields).


John Halloran & Associates

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  • Custom Design
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • Custom Post Types
  • Speed Deliverability
  • Secure Pages
  • Logo Design

“We worked directly with Daniel to accomplish a complete overhaul of our company's website, which was in need of modernization. Daniel was very receptive of our input and provided the expertise we needed. Very pleased with the result. Highly recommend.”

— Brian Mackey, Engi-Mat

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