Sign Details

Sign Details, Inc. was established in 1990, by Terri Caldwell. She fell in love with the industry while studying commercial art and working summers with the local sign company. She still has that same passion for the sign industry as she did back in 1990!

Tomahawk Projects CE Adkins & Sons

CE Adkins & Son Painting

C.E. Adkins & Son, Inc. has been a prominent presence in the Tri-State area, fulfilling painting needs since its establishment in 1955. Originally founded by C.E. Adkins, the company primarily focused on housing development projects, a sector experiencing significant growth in the 1960s. Subsequently, in 1981, James W. Flowers assumed ownership, bringing with him years of experience within the company. In 1985, a new office/shop building was erected on Baltimore St., Huntington, WV, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s history.

Tomahawk Projects John Halloran & Associates

John Halloran & Associates

Established in 1989, John Halloran Associates (JHA) stands as a distinguished leader in the event production industry. Specializing in translating event visions into tangible realities, regardless of scale, JHA has garnered a reputation for excellence driven by a genuine passion for their craft. The caliber of their work is nothing short of extraordinary.

Tomahawk Projects National Capital Presbytery

National Capital Presbytery

National Capital Presbytery is a collective of 104 churches spanning four counties in Virginia, five counties in Maryland, and the District of Columbia. These churches represent a diverse congregation, with worship services conducted in eleven languages on any given Sunday. Geographically dispersed across the Washington DC metro area, the National Capital Presbytery forms a rich tapestry of people, churches, and interconnected relationships.

Tomahawk Projects Antique Restorations

Antique Restorations

Welcome to the extraordinary realm of antique restoration. This bluegrass-based business offers rare and unique services, dedicated to the meticulous care of your antiques, family heirlooms, and American memorabilia. The intricacies of their work could undoubtedly be considered material for a captivating reality show.

Tomahawk Projects Mystic Shores

Mystic Shore

Welcome to Mystic Shore Englewood, a captivating Boho Chic Boutique nestled in the sunny locale of Englewood, Florida! Our boutique is dedicated to nurturing your inner free spirit while offering the utmost in quality service and products.

Tomahawk Projects The Auction House

The Auction House

“We are gamers, larpers, crafters, and proud to call ourselves nerds.”

Exciting new venture in an open marketplace dedicated to the inter nerd in all of us!

Tomahawk Projects String Elegance

String Elegance

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” – Jane Swan

String Elegance Music Studio is committed to offering violin and viola lessons to the Lexington, KY area, recognizing the profound and emotive power of music.

Tomahawk Projects BMA


In collaboration with BMA and Balance Creative, we worked together to develop an engaging and interactive website. The result is a sleek, fast, and visually appealing online platform that meets the needs of our project.

Tomahawk Projects Bonne Chance Farms

Bonne Chance Farms

Nestled in the picturesque rolling hills of central Kentucky’s horse country, Bonne Chance stands as a boutique Thoroughbred breeding and racing operation. Tomahawk takes great pride in contributing to our roots in the beautiful state of Kentucky. Bonne Chance aligns with our values, emphasizing quality over quantity—a principle we wholeheartedly endorse.